#Performance PALERMO - by N38E13


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WHITE SUSPENSION is the new sound performance project from Hatori Yumi, produced in collaboration with N38E13.

WHITE SUSPENSION is the new sound performance project from Hatori Yumi, produced in collaboration with N38E13. Starting from Palermo, the project aims to undertake a body of research into sound both in Italy and abroad, presenting the sound performance in different contexts and territories.


In White Suspension the artist creates a dissonant environment which will envelop the audience in white noise as accompanying visual effects contribute to an aesthetic that aims to disrupt the relation between viewer and sound performance.

 As always Hatori Yumi will use a combination of light and sound to create a layered and woven audiovisual experience aimed at opening the viewer to the wider space they inhabit: in this case N38E13. The soundscape, at times nearly harmonious, at others quasi-oppressive aims to create a moment of tension in which the usual binary between audience and artwork is effaced as the boundaries of the body are ensconced in sound and light.

 The intensity created by the mixture of sound fragments and strobed light aims both to entrap and set free, but above all to create an experience for the individual audience member. Hatori Yumi aims to return to artistic practice that is both interrogating and liberating, via syncopation and dissonance and contrast of light and dark.

(Mike Watson)



HATORI YUMI was born in 1984 in Palermo where he lives and works. He studied Music History and graduated with a thesis on the “Sound structure of Euripide’s Bacchants”. His master thesis (Paesaggio sonoro e “nuovi media”) investigates the possibilities of interaction between soundscapes and new technologies. HY evolved as a bassist and guitarist in various outfits – from noise-rock to electro-punk – before buying a midi-controller and dedicating himself to electronic music.


MIKE WATSON is an art theorist, critic and curator based in Italy who is principally focused on the relation between art and politics. He holds a PhD in Philosophy from Goldsmiths College and has curated for Nomas Foundation, Museo MACRO, The Finnish Cultural Foundation and at both the 55th and 56th Venice Biennale. In May 2016 he published a book entitled ‘Towards a Conceptual Militancy’ for ZerO books. He has written regularly for Art Forum, Frieze, Art Review, Radical Philosophy and Hyperallergic. 







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