See. Feel. Move. Repeat.

#Performance London - by Cecilija Berg


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Sharing serenity through the ritual of making art.

Cecilija Berg

See. Feel. Move. Repeat.

For my final year project, I’m exploring meditation, repetition and ritual through making art. In reference to that I would like to hold a performance on the 8th of May at Omnibus Art Centre in London. The performance is an attempt to explore how the intended movement of making art can calm us down and put our minds at ease. Ritual is a large part of meditation and to structure the performance I will have a set ritual that the visitors can either choose to participate in or simply watch as I repeat the ritual over at over again.

The ritual is composed of following a trail around the room and making set actions to 3 canvases and to white drawing paper rolled out on a table in a decided order. Classical pieces of music will be played on repeat, Spigel Im Spiegel by Arvo Pärt. The visitor can choose to just watch as I perform the ritual over and over again or choose to participate and perform the ritual as well. My aim is to create a moment of serenity where the visitor can either sit an be in a calm space for a while or participate. 

After the visitor, has finished the ritual he or she can choose to repeat it if he/she pleases. After the first completed round I would like to take a polaroid picture of the visitor if they are comfortable with it. And they will be asked the question: How did the ritual make you feel? The visitor can then choose to leave their e-mail address on a list if they want a jpg.copy of the polaroid. The event will be on a drop in basis with a duration of 4 hours (between 2pm-6pm). 

I'm interested in seeing if the the act of making something beautiful in a calm space can soothe your mind. To move and make and see if the thoughts follow the movement.

I aim to raise funds to hold this project in The Greene Room at Omnibus Arts Centre on the 8th of May 2017. 

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