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Join CURA., Davide Balliano and the artists community in their fundraising campaign to help Ian Tweedy cover the expenses of his brain surgery and post operation recovery

92.917,00 € raised

93% raised 0 days to go
#Educational project

Art Residency - London is Open

A competition for Italian artists to win a free one-month stay in London to work on a project exploring the theme London is Open.

6.490,00 £ raised

81% raised 0 days to go

looking for the right place at the right moment

I'm a painter even when I use video, sculpture or installation. What it metters it's the way to see and analyze, not the medium one uses.

1.375,00 € raised

115% raised 0 days to go
Credit by Painting No6

See. Feel. Move. Repeat.

Sharing serenity through the ritual of making art.

1.057,00 £ raised

106% raised 0 days to go

ATRII Part 1

ATRII is a collective project that investigates the concept of atrium or andron from a processual and theoretical point of view.

300,00 € raised

3% raised 0 days to go


What is a "theatrical sculpture"? Interview with Dario Bellini

Did Fausto Melotti and Piero Manzoni ever talk to each other? Maybe. In Dario Bellini's "theatrical sculpture" named "i7savi" (the seven wise men) they do it. We'll see sparks, as the artist will perfo...

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Between fiction and reality: an interview with Maria Martinelli

Maria Martinelli is the director of "L'artista innocente / Save the artist", a web series conceived...

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THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME: Art grows where you least expect it

THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME is a travelling art project established in Rome in 2014 through the initi...

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